Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dress #351 Red, Black and Gold

This is a sheer with metallic design over a bright red silk skirt and a black felt top. The gold trim on the skirt and the neckline is bobbin work---the little IKEA machine didn't even hiccup. I love the way this looks---put some sleeves on it, and send me to a party!


  1. Wow - bobbin work! You've been busy! This is a fun party dress - a "don't take me too seriously while I'm having fun" dress.

  2. I've discovered your blog today (via PB), and I couldn't help but browse thru all 351 dresses in one shot!
    Is it hard to think of a different design every day? Will you continue to post more dresses after you reach 366, or are you bored with the project?
    I had a lot of fun admiring your ingenuity, thanks!

  3. your dresses are amazing! i look forward to what comes next!