Friday, January 11, 2013

Dress #350 Haute Chocolate

Just a simple chocolate dessert---er, dress. Recycled silk from a J. Peterman coat of many years ago, and a ribbon from a chocolate gift from my neighbors in Baltimore. Sparkles instead of sprinkles to finish.


  1. Adorb!
    It looks like edible chocolate to me!

  2. Jeanne,
    I popped over from Carol's blog and I must say you are one creative lady. I love this idea. I volunteer to eat the leftover's from the Eric Kyser dresses when you start mass producing.

    I"ve just emailed Carol. I will be in Paris with a friend in a little over a week and would love it if you two could meet us for coffee or wine one day!

  3. Yummy and low cal! Great use of the Lindt ribbon!

  4. Jeannie,

    Just "discovered" you through PB Blog!! I feel like I just walked in to the tail end of an amazing movie- I don't want your 365 days to end, as I feel like I've missed out! I'll be following by e-mail, as I am looking so forward to receiving a new dress in my inbox each day. Please, please consider extending your project...what about 365 amazing handbags? Coats? Shoes?

    Bravo on your amazing work- I plan on pacing myself, and savoring the 349 I missed! Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris :-)!!