Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dress #352 Year of the Snake

Strolling on Boulevard St. Germain a couple of weeks ago, a beautiful top caught my eye. The most marvelous drape and a yellow/gray snakeskin print. I was shocked to discover that the top is real (!) python skin, and retails for 3400 Euros! Eeek! This is an interpretation of the snakeskin theme---ricrak top, and silver snakeskin print over a silk stripe like a coral snake. And of course, a snake-eyes pin.


  1. The thought of a snakeskin touching my body just made me cringe. Your version seems much easier to think about.
    Snake eyes pin.... ha!

  2. Love the striped color fabric underneath - a really interesting effect. And I would never guess the top is ric rac - looks very rich and textured.

  3. Hahaha
    Snake eye pin!
    Where did you get yr snakeskin?