Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dress #365 Black Roses

This is one of my favorite looks---all the interest in the skirt fabric with a plain black sweater. It is more unexpected than the usual plain black skirt or pants with the fancy top. A very fancy ribbon from the scrapbooking world, black felt for the sweater, and a ribbon belt. The necklace is some chunky embroidery thread that I've had for years.


  1. Oh, oh, oh - gorgeous! The texture is exquisite. And I love the necklace. Red gowns are in!

    One more. You made it! Incroyable!

  2. I really enjoyed your project! all of the dresses were very well done. I first learned about it in Flow magazine, a Dutch publication. Bravo! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! You made it!
    And although I´m not a "dress-woman" I´ve enjoyed your project very much...
    I´m curious what you will do next.... ;-)

  4. Love the mix of textures!:) And you reached 365 dresses. Will keep doing dresses or will you try something else? Whatever you decide, I'll be here, cause I've really enjoyed this project. You have so much creativity and so much talent. ;)
    About the green dress you mentioned. Just copy the url and paste it on a comment on the blog or on my facebook page.;)
    Diana from

  5. Lush...simply lush. I can see you wearing this one
    In fact all of them would suit U 2 a T!