Friday, September 28, 2012

Dress #245 Pink Pleated Paper

This short, dressy outfit is made of the most wonderful paper. Truly as soft as gossamer, it is as difficult to work with as cobwebs! I bought the paper from Marie Papier years ago, and this year it came back across the Atlantic with me. Paper and a bibelot from the local bead shop.


  1. Oh Jeanne, this is gorgeous. So light and airy and elegant. I just love it. And the color (it looks pink!). I can't believe it's paper - makes me want to touch it and feel it. This is exquisite.

    1. Eileen, thank you. Yes, this paper is unlike anything I've ever seen before or since. I'll send you a sample. And yes, it is pink!

  2. Jeannie and I have a "crossing the Atlantic" tradition that this dress reminded me of. We eat our final meal in the airport on our way to Paris in a restaurant that used to be called "Crossing the Atlantic", it is now a taqueria but we still keep up the tradition and to us it will always be Crossing the Atlantic.

  3. this dress so very romantic... as romantic as the story Jeff. Thank you for sharing