Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dress #232 Ribbon Lattice

The sheer ribbon layers to make a new pattern, and I love the purple and green colors.


  1. Wow, this is lovely and fun. The green is reading gray on my monitor, but either color is lovely. The satin bow is a very pretty shade of grape purple. Love the weaving to make a fabric. A go-out-and-celebrate-Saturday-night dress.

  2. I can see I'm going to fall in love with your dresses from Paris. This dress is lovely. Is this from your stash (did you bring your stash with?) or is it materials from paris? Hope all is well and you're getting settled in.... thinking of you both!

    1. Thanks, Kim. This was ribbon brought from the states. HOWEVER, I managed to forget to pack a large bag of ribbon snippets that I'd spent all summer preparing. So I'll just have to be more creative, I guess. I brought quite a few small pieces of fabric. We are settling in wonderfully---getting Internet was a bit of a hassle, but Jeff did it, and we are finally fully connected.