Monday, July 2, 2012

Dress #157 Shredder

I was shredding a bunch of old documents, and there were blue and yellow checks. The resulting shreds of paper were appealing, and with a little Mod Podge, became today's dress. Recycling taken to the extreme. 


  1. So cool! What a great idea. You are a very creative person. I don't think I'd have thought of this one.
    Diana from

  2. Que lindo!!! Parabéns, você é muito criativa. Beijos

  3. Hey Jeannie! Are you keeping all the dresses you've made? I mean, I guess you're not keeping the banana dress (lol), but what about the fabric and paper ones?

    1. Yes, Marina. I am keeping the ones of fabric and paper. I've mounted them on 5.5 x 7.5 papers, and for right now, they are just in a box. Thanks for your nice comments!

  4. Could be what we all get to wear when Consumerism has run its course?

    Great dresses!

  5. I'm laughing at this...had a hand idea along the same lines....will save it for when I am in the 100's of days. We are on the same wave-length! I LOVE this dress... it would work for me.

  6. Kim, I think we are definitely on the same wave length! We should each inspire the other---and collaboration is fine with me!

  7. Love this! So creative!!

    Congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

  8. Sua Arte é muito linda... todos os dias eu vejo e amo cada vez mais, você arrasa *-*

    His art is very beautiful ... every day I see more and love, you rocks *-*

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