Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dress #307 Metallic Linen

This unusual fabric combines a metal thread and a linen one. I like it! It is sparkly but subtle, malleable yet soft, and altogether interesting. It worked into my classic silhouette easily. When I found the fabric, I considered it for the Opus Dei dress but it wasn't nearly as harsh as I feared. I'd use it as a trim on a jacket or sweater. Metallic linen, ribbon and a sparkly "buckle."


  1. Oh Jeannie!:) Thanks for your beautiful comment. I always love to hear from you.:)
    And the reason I'm in cold rainy Dublin is because my boyfriend found this amazing job at Google so we decided to live together here. But it's been hard to find a job...:( But I gotta keep trying, right?
    This dress is so pretty. And so versatile too. It could a wedding dress, a bridesmaid's dress or just a glamorous party dress. Gorgeous!:)
    Diana from

  2. Jeff had it all wrong about this fabric ;-)

    I think you and Diana have to hop over the water and visit each other!

  3. my cowgirl boots would look fantastick with this dress!