Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dress #282 French for Dress

This is just for fun. I named some of the dress parts in French. Patterns used to have the French and Spanish as well as English. Is that still true? French for dress is robe. This is a fiber paper from Nepal,  ribbon, and a Sharpie. When I die, please wrap me in kraft paper! I love the stuff.


  1. What we knew as 'construction paper' in the US (or maybe now they call Kraft paper?) is called 'Sugar Paper' here in the UK. Not exactly sure why. Took me a while to work out what they meant when I worked in a school. Mostly, it is a lot thinner than the US stuff though.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. "Sugar paper" sounds delicious!
    I just finished sewing a tote bag pattern from Simplicity. It is sold in both the US and Canada. The instructions are in English, but the pattern pieces and the envelope have both English and French on them. Guess it depends on the pattern that you get.

    This is really cute. It would make a great little lesson plan for young non-French children learning French.

  3. I just love this "just for fun" dress project today!