Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dress #165 Flowery Sundress

Another sundress. I think this would work for a summer wedding, too, if you had a wrap for the ceremony perhaps. The fabric is actually designed to be used for quilt labels, and I bought it years ago just because it was pretty.


  1. Jeannie! This dress is a dream! Wonderful!

    I have a question... Why do you have so many pieces of fabric? (I don't know if this is the way you call it, "pieces") And more important, why haven't you made thousands of dresses to yourself with those amazing fabric?

    I love your work, it's so inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Marina. I have lots of fabric (and paper) collected over the years. Here in the U.S. we can buy small cuts of fabrics, so it is easy to have many. I have made many dresses for myself but not recently. I'm enjoying making these little dresses every day as they don't take much time and allow me to explore ideas.

    2. Oh, I agree with you about making little dresses, it seems like fun to create them. My question was just because I was wondering if you like and know how to sew clothes to yourself! I'd like to learn how to use the sewing machine to make some tailorings in my clothes, but I still haven't found time to take classes!

      Anyway, I'm glad to talk to you, you're so nice and considerate, answering all those questions... thanks for the attention, take care =)

  2. Very sweet. I'm enjoying the change in bodice shapes too.