Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dress #135 Brazilian Sundress

These colors remind me of Brazilian beach wear, bright and sunny. The dress is made from a paper cocktail napkin.


  1. Very tropical! Makes me wanna go on vacation. :)
    Diana from

  2. I am brazilian, and this look just like home!
    I am completely in love with your dresses...
    Livia (

  3. yes! I'm Brazilian and especially here in Rio de Janeiro, the summer is wonderful! always very hot, amazing beaches, but here WHAT shines even more than the sun, sea, clothing and fashion is the smile that is in the face of us Brazilians, I really love my country. As the song says: "I live in a tropical country, blessed by God and beautiful by nature! [...]"
    when you can come to know Brazil and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, here you will find wonderful things as the Christ the Redeemer, and arriving in time of carnival, it will not attend but want to go back home :) rsrsrsr
    este vestido é lindo ! gostei muito
    just a girl :
    if you can visit my blog I'll be very grateful :)
    it is in Portuguese but there is a bar translation :)